Is foot pain stopping you from running?
June 8th, 2017

Podiatry Care Running Foot PainWhether your playing football, netball or training for an endurance running event, it’s a timely reminder to think about how these types of activities may contribute to foot pain.

The last thing anyone needs at this stage of the season is to obtain an injury that limits their ability to perform or compete.

The foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 ligaments, 10 muscles, numerous tendons, nerves and blood vessels.

Running places much greater stresses on the lower limbs, with as much as 3-4 times the force travelling through the feet at heel strike as compared to walking.

Combine this with training and playing, you have the perfect environment for potential foot pain.

Recent research from Australia’s largest podiatry group, my FootDr revealed 53 per cent had experienced foot pain after exercise.

The more common types of running injuries include heel and arch pain, forefoot pain, achilles and calf muscle pain, shin splints, and knee pain.

It is highly beneficial to visit a podiatrist to see if any of these factors relate to you.

How can  a podiatrist help with foot pain:

Orthotics help treat foot painOur podiatrists are experts in assessing lower limb and foot biomechanics as they relate to walking and running. The podiatrist will be able to provide footwear advice. Plus can check the condition and function of your current trainers whilst running. This is combined a complete gait analysis including a running treadmill assessment.

If these tests show any areas that can be improved, a treatment plan is then formulated which may consist of anything from massage and trigger point therapy or a stretching and strengthening program through to footwear advice or custom made foot support (orthotics).

The aim of an assessment and treatment plan is to keep you active and running with minimal pain. We can also help to improve your running and biomechanics.

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