Podiatry Care Running Shoe Review 2015
May 23rd, 2015

The Podiatry Care Running Shoe Review 2015 has been finalised.


The running shoes reviewed were seven of the most common brands available in retail shoe stores. These included various models from each of the following brands which we will mention in alphabetical order. These included: Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike and Saucony.

Our Podiatrists reviewed both men’s running shoes and women’s running shoes and summarised the findings in the following downloadable pdf…

Click on the following link to download or just read the 2015 running shoe review:

Click here to read the Podiatry Care running shoe review 2015

Your choice of running shoe, as with most other sport specific footwear, should be based around your foot type, injury history and personal health care requirements. This is where a Podiatry Care podiatrist with a specific interest in sports and running injuries can help.



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