How We Treat

General Introduction

How we treat you at Podiatry Care will be determined following a thorough examination. Our podiatrists utilise  the latest techniques and technologies within each clinic. This ensures every patient is given adequate information and education to understand their condition, and the most up to date treatment methodologies are employed to achieve optimum results for our patients.

Routine Treatment (nail care/corns and callous)

Podiatry Care has onsite sterilisation at all clinics and guarantees sterility of all instruments used for treatments.  Many groups in society need to pay particular attention to foot care especially Diabetes sufferers, and all podiatrists are trained in Diabetic assessments, and can communicate with your General Practitioner regarding any findings.

Biomechanical Analysis of Conditions

Foot pain, corns, calluses, blisters, aching feet, heel pain, ankle pain, shin pain, bunions, flat feet, aching legs, knee pain, runner’s knee, iliotibial band syndrome, hip pain and lower back pain can all be the result of abnormal forces or malalignment in the feet and legs. This is why Podiatry Care will assess your gait as part of your overall assessment. A Computerised Video Gait Analysis (VGA) is usually performed and your results of this assessment will be analysed.

Video Gait Analysis (VGA)


Podiatry Care clinics employ computerised video gait analysis (VGA), which enables detailed analysis of each component of the walking cycle. The use of VGA provides a visual aid for the podiatrist to demonstrate and educate our clients regarding any walking abnormalities.  This visual demonstration is extremely helpful in allowing patients to understand the factors that may be contributing to their symptoms.

3D Laser Orthotics

Often symptoms associated with biomechanical malalignment are treated with the use of a customised foot orthotic.  This device will restore a more efficient postural and functional position, which in turn promotes and accelerates the body’s own healing mechanisms. Most Podiatry Care practices are now using computer generated 3D Laser scan orthotics manufactured from a 3D Laserscan orthotic system.  These have proven to be extremely accurate, and both soft orthotics and firmer orthotics can be manufactured from this system.

Children’s Feet

Podiatry Care Clinics have a special interest in children’s feet, and have undergone additional training in this area.  This includes various muscle testing techniques, the development of specific exercise plans, and in some cases the manufacture of various paediatric splinting appliances may be necessary.

Shock Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is now a treatment option available at most Podiatry Care Clinics.  It is an extremely effective way of managing many soft tissue injuries, including heel pain (plantar fasciitis), and other conditions including Achilles tendonitis, shin pain and other muscular and ligamentous injuries.  ESWT involves the application of high energy acoustic waves to various areas of the body, which in turn creates a cascade of metabolic activity which stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms. In 2011, Spiro Vithoulkas and Gavin Daly were two of only three Podiatrists in South Australia to gain international accreditation by ATRAD (Swiss Dolorclast Academy) in the application of radial ESWT and have subsequently gone on to train most Podiatry Care practitoners in the specific use of this modality. So you can be sure you are receiving ESWT by the most experienced Shock Wave Therapy practitioners in South Australia when you choose Podiatry Care.

Shockwave Photo

Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

A recent addition to our treatment options currently available at the Podiatry Care Unley and Podiatry Care Modbury Clinics.

Laser treatment of fungal nails is the most clinically effective way of removing this unsightly problem.  It is fast effective and painless.

Foot Manipulation/Mobilisation

Certain conditions require this to compliment their treatment program, and some Podiatry Care practitioners have extensive training in this treatment modality.

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

If required certain practitioners are trained at the application of acupuncture needles to various trigger points in the lower limb. (Dry needling technique)


Western Medical Acupuncture for big toe joint pain at Podiatry Care

Nail Surgery

Often ingrown toenail problems will require surgical excision.  All Podiatry Care Clinics offer this treatment on site, without need for hospitalisation, and under local anaesthesia in a completely sterile environment.