Why do my feet hurt when I walk?
May 1st, 2017

Women Foot Pain When Walking

Are you blaming the frosty autumn weather for making your feet hurt when you walk? It could be something more serious behind your foot pain.

Unfortunately, many Australian men and women live with foot pain daily. Often we think the pain will disappear on its own, trialling simple lifestyle changes with no improvement.

Whether it hurts to walk first thing in the morning, after you sit down, or even every time you walk barefoot, it’s important to identify and understand what is causing the pain.

Without identifying and treating the condition, you’re limiting your ability to exercise, work and wear enclosed shoes.

So, what are some of the common causes of foot pain when walking?

Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain):
Plantar fasciitis or ‘heel spur syndrome’ is a condition that causes severe pain under the heel or arch. The condition is often mistaken as a stone bruise. Generally, the pain is worse first thing in the morning, after sitting and towards the end of the day. The pain is caused by micro tears to the plantar fascia at the attachment point under the heel bone. Left untreated, the pain will persist for a long time.

Corns and calluses:
Foot pain when walking may result from abnormal pressure or friction on the skin, with hard skin cells becoming thicker which cause a callus. This can eventually lead to a central core, or corn, pushing deep into the tissue.

Ingrown nails:
Pain may be the result of a nail protruding into the side of the skin surrounding the nail or the nail bed. Many Australians experience ingrown nails at least once in their lifetime. If left untreated it can allow for the entry of bacteria into the toe resulting in infection.

When it comes to foot pain, there might be some hidden reasons behind why you are experiencing pain when you walk.

High-impact exercise, arthritis, ill-fitting shoes, diabetes, pregnancy, high arches or being flat-footed can be reasons why people feel discomfort or pain when walking.

Your foot is made up of many small bones, muscle ligaments, tendons and other body tissue. Therefore it can be difficult to pinpoint and diagnose the cause of foot pain.

Our podiatrists take a detailed history, perform a physical assessment, use video walking analysis and take a 3D foot scan to find out what’s causing the pain. They work with you to create a plan to help make you pain free.

It’s likely you’re not the first person to experience the condition – and it could be a simple and permanent cure. Put the right foot forward and seek a professional diagnosis from our podiatrists for your condition.