5 quick tips to help prevent ingrown toe nails
July 20th, 2016

Podiatry Care presents 5 quick tips to help prevent painful ingrown toe nails…

1. Wear the right footwear

It is important to wear footwear which fits the shape of your foot. Shoes which are too narrow or pointed in the forefoot area are going to push the toes together and aggravate any ingrown toe nails. Make sure your shoes fit properly in the width. Similarly, it is very important to ensure the length of your shoes is sufficient. Shoes which are too small will also apply excessive pressure to toes which can eventually irritate ingrown nails. Footwear that has a narrow or shallow toe box should be avoided.

Choose your shoes carefully and ensure you have at least 10 to 15mm of room beyond the longest toe when standing. Your podiatrist can suggest appropriate shoes to assist you in preventing painful ingrown nails.

2. Cut your toe nails correctly

Ensure you cut across your toe nail and not down the sides. Follow the nails’ natural curvature. Cutting too far down the edge of the nail using incorrect cutting technique can result in sharp edges which may eventually irritate and pierce the skin.

ingrown toe nails

3. Avoid trauma

Stubbing your toe, dropping objects on them or repeated trauma from activities such as running, hiking, soccer and dancing can all result in nails becoming ingrown. Ensure you wear the correct protective footwear for your chosen activity and foot type – a podiatrist can advise you on this.

4. Foot soak

Soaking your toes in warm, salty water for 10-15 mins per day can help soften the nails and provide relief from inflammation and swelling. This may also allow you to gently pull the skin away from the offending nail edge. Following your salt water foot soak, apply antiseptic and a clean sterile dressing to your ingrown toe nail and seek advice from your Podiatrist.

5. See your Podiatrist for advice on ingrown toe nails

If you suspect you have an ingrown toe nail or any other foot problem, consult with your Podiatrist. Podiatrists complete a four year University degree and specialise in the management of ingrown toe nails and other foot and leg disorders. It is recommended to see a podiatrist for regular check ups and advice if you have problems cutting or managing your nails. Even children can suffer with ingrown nails so it is important to get the right advice on what is needed to prevent recurrence of ingrown toe nails once resolution occurs.

Call Podiatry Care or book online to see a Podiatrist about fixing your ingown nail problems permanently.