Heel Pain in Children
February 6th, 2016

When it comes to heel pain in children, there’s no better place to go than Podiatry Care.

In recent years, our Podiatrists have been fortunate enough to care for many elite players from various sports including football, netball, soccer, tennis, basketball and cricket. Overuse injuries are common among all our athletes – young and old, although three common conditions causing heel pain are frequently seen at the start of every sports season. The three most common conditions causing ankle pain and heel pain in children include:

  1. Sever’s Disease ;
  2. Plantar Fasciitis ; and
  3. Achilles Tendinitis .

Fortunately, Podiatry Care specialise in the treatment of these three conditions and we have expert Podiatrists that do nothing other than treat these conditions every single day. These conditions can be managed quickly and effectively if treated early. If a condition is allowed to remain it can progress from an acute stage to a chronic stage where it can become much more difficult to treat.

The Good News…

Our Podiatrists have undergone specific training in the foot, ankle and leg for 4 years at University. Following this, the Podiatry Board of Australia insists that all registered Podiatrists must undergo further professional development training every year in order to ensure the public receive a minimum standard of care. On top of this, our Podiatrists at Podiatry Care then undergo further supervised training in the foot and leg to ensure specific treatments are implemented in an optimal manner.  This all helps to ensure we achieve the best results possible for you, your health and the health of your child.

What can you expect when you see a Podiatry Care Podiatrist?

We believe your feet need to last you a lifetime so your initial visit will focus on your primary complaint. Your Podiatrist will:

  • Establish your primary complaint;
  • Record details of any secondary complaints
  • Take your history;
  • Review recent x-rays or scans or make arrangements to order these if needed;
  • Assess your footwear;
  • Assess your gait;
  • Perform a joint range of motion study and some muscle testing;
  • Analyse all this information and determine the best treatment program to resolve your aches and pains as quickly as possible.


We will then focus on maintaining your mobility for a lifetime. If you have an aching tooth and you visit the Dentist, the focus is on fixing your sore tooth. Following this, your Dentist may advise a more complete examination and perhaps a regular check up to ensure your teeth last you a lifetime.

At Podiatry Care we understand you only get one pair of feet. We know feet can travel anywhere between 150,000km and 200,000km in a lifetime so we want to be sure they’ll go the distance.

What’s needed to eliminate heel pain in children?

The right treatment and advice is crucial in maintaining your child’s confidence. There’s nothing more frustrating than limping off the court or sports field in pain after playing the sport you love. So if you or your child is suffering with heel pain, aching feet or ankle pain – give us a call or book an appointment online.