New Podiatry Care Children’s Feet video
October 31st, 2015

The new Podiatry Care children’s feet video is now available. This video explains how our podiatrists can help you and your child resolve many common foot problems encountered in children.


If your child or grandchild complains of aching feet or tired, sore legs – consider having their feet checked.

At Podiatry Care, we have Podiatrists with a special interest in children’s foot problems. Foot pain in children and heel pain in children are commonly encountered by our Podiatrists.  Other conditions including aching feet, aching legs, flat feet, in-toeing, out-toeing, tripping over, growing pains, knock knees, bow legs, heel pain (Sever’s disease), knee pain (Osgood Schlatter’s disease), poor posture and poor co-ordination can all be related to foot function.

Other conditions including plantar warts, calluses, bunions and blisters can also slow your child down.

Early screening and detection can prevent the onset of more serious problems now and in future adulthood. We won’t hesitate to have our children’s teeth checked by the dentist, yet some of us will wait a lifetime before we have our feet checked.

Contact Podiatry Care today and ask about our GAP FREE assessment of your child or grandchild.

Remember: Foot pain and leg pain in children is NOT normal.