Midfoot Osteoarthritis and Functional Foot Orthotics
May 3rd, 2015

A new study has suggested that functional foot orthotics (FFOs) worn over a period of 12 weeks may provide detectable clinical and biomechanical benefits compared to sham orthoses. This feasibility study provides useful clinical, biomechanical and statistical information for the design and implementation of a definitive randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of FFOs in treating painful midfoot Osteoarthritis.

For the full abstract on this study, click on the following link: Midfoot Osteoarthritis Study

Podiatry Care has been treating this type of problem using a treatment program which involves functional foot orthotics. The right orthotic prescription is an integral part of any long term success in the treatment of this type of problem. Other useful treatment modalities used in conjunction with functional foot orthotics may include foot mobilisation, exercises and accupuncture.

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