Podiatry Care Football Boot Review 2015
March 8th, 2015


Blades Legend Speed Crimson

The Podiatry Care Football Boot Review 2015 has now been finalised. The football boots reviewed were some of the most common boots available through retail outlets in South Australia. Please feel free to download the 2015 Podiatry Care Football Boot Review and share it with your friends, family members and your local footy club.

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Footy Boot Summary for 2015


Asics Gel-Lethal Tigeor 8

Pre-season training has been well under way for some time now and the first footy games for the season are just around the corner. Some of the most common football injuries encountered at Podiatry Care include blisters, calluses, turf toe, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tedinopathy, ankle sprains, shin pain, calf strain, knee pain and hamstring strains just to name a few. Many of these injuries can be aggravated by choosing a footy boot which is either unsuitable or simply not fitted correctly. Podiatry Care decided to send some Podiatrists out to the retail shoe stores in South Australia to analyse what boots were readily available.


The Asics and Blades football boot range displayed good support features, were the widest and most orthotic friendly of all the boots reviewed. Additionally, Asics footy boots had a 10mm heel raise in built into the boot midsole. Blades have either graduated blade lengths or an in built EVA heel raise in many of their boots to achieve the heel raise. These features produce an overall heel raise, helping to decrease tension on hamstrings, calf muscles and heels. The Nike, Puma and Adidas boots in this review all seemed to lack this type of heel raise feature which could predispose certain players to specific injuries around the heel and legs. Sever’s disease or inflammation of the heel bone growth plate is a common injury seen at Podiatry Care. This is just one injury where Podiatry Care has devised a specific treatment program and, correct football boot choice is one small part of this program.


Niket Tiempo 2015

Many of the Nike, Puma and Adidas boots in this review appeared narrower, very light weight and displayed a narrower stud pattern. These features may be suited to some players but, in general, stability and support is sacrificed. A narrow boot is fine if you have a very narrow foot type but, a lighter boot with a narrow stud pattern should be avoided if you have a history of ankle instability or hypermobile joints. Fortunately, most, Nike, Puma and Adidas boots in this review seemed to accommodate orthotics to varying degrees and will still suit players with a narrower foot type.

Your boot choice, as with most other sport specific footwear, should be based around your foot type, injury history and personal health care requirements. This is where a Podiatry Care podiatrist with a specific interest in Australian Rules Football can help.


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