GAP FREE Foot Orthotics 2014
November 15th, 2014

Gap Free foot orthotics 2014

Are your old orthotics looking a little tired or worn out?


Do you need another pair of orthotics for your sports shoes or sandals?

From now until the end of November 2014, PODIATRY CARE will be offering significant savings on all foot orthotic appliances. We have negotiated special discounts with our orthotic laboratories and suppliers so now we are passing these savings on to you.

If you have your plaster moulds or NEED NEW LASER SCANS and you are a member of a private health fund with Podiatry and Orthotic benefits, you may be entitled to a pair of orthotics with NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE.*

If you would like further information on how you can obtain your pair of orthotics with “NO GAP” or at “REDUCED RATES” then call your local Podiatry Care clinic…

Christies Beach                       8384 7626

Modbury                                  8265 4130

Unley                                       8357 0747

Gawler                                     8522 4717

Moana                                     8186 4544

Port Lincoln                             8683 4374

*To qualify you will need Private health cover that covers you for

Podiatry AND Orthotic Therapy.

Most health funds require you to have been a member for at least 12 months before claiming. Each fund is different however, so we strongly encourage you to call your health fund to check your level of cover, and ensure you are covered for Podiatry and Orthoses.


This offer will only last for appointments scheduled in November, 2014.

Call your local Podiatry Care clinic to reserve your time now.