Kids Heel Pain
February 3rd, 2014

Heel pain in kids can be a real problem especially during pre-season training. If your child is actively involved in football, soccer, basketball, netball, tennis or any other sport which involves running or jumping then this information may interest you.

All too often we hear our children complain of the odd ache or pain but, you need to sit up and take notice when those complaints persist for longer than just a few days. Sever’s disease or sore heels are common in young active children and can be resolved quickly and easily with the right advice from Podiatrists with expertise in treating children. Podiatry Care has refined specific footwear and orthotic modifications which are specifically designed to aid children in a hasty recovery of their heel pain.

For more information on Sever’s disease or kids heel pain visit:  Sever’s Disease… heel pain in children or call your local Podiatry Care clinic and ask to see a Podiatrist with a special interest in children.

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