Podiatry Care… Your Adelaide Podiatrist in South Australia

Podiatry Care is your local Adelaide Podiatrist. Our Podiatrists have a special interest in heel pain and foot pain solutions. Heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciosis, Sever’s disease, growing pains in children, aching feet, leg pain, shin splints, knee pain and many other sports injuries can all be treated successfully by your podiatrist with the right advice and expertise.

7 reasons why you should choose Podiatry Care?

1. OVER 100 years of EXPERIENCE.
Podiatry Care practitioners have over 100 years of combined clinical experience in dealing with foot pain, leg pain and postural complaints. You’re in safe hands.

2. FIRST to introduce CAD CAM technology in orthotic production to South Australia.
Podiatry Care’s founders were first to introduce CAD CAM technology in orthotic production to South Australia in 1997.

3. FIRST to introduce 3D Laser scanning and 3D laser orthotics to South Australia.
Podiatry Care was first to introduce 3D laser scanning of feet in prescription orthotics replacing messy old plaster casts.

4. FIRST to receive accreditation in ESWT application.
Podiatry Care is one of only a few podiatry clinics in South Australia which has a practitioner who has received specific ESWT (extracorporeal shock wave therapy) training and accreditation from ATRAD in Europe.

5. FIRST for fungal nail laser treatment.
Podiatry Care was first to introduce a structured program for LASER treatment of fungal nails in South Australia.

6. UNIQUE heel pain treatment program for both adults and children.
Podiatry Care has a unique heel pain treatment approach for both adults and heel pain in children.

7. RISK FREE Initial Consultations.
We care about getting the best result possible for you. Following your initial consultation, if you are unhappy for any reason – you will be offered a second opinion free of charge. If you are still not happy with your choice to choose Podiatry Care, we will happily refund you any out of pocket expense for your initial consultation.

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Understanding your condition, treatment, prognosis, and long term care requirements is important to us. So feel free to ask any of our podiatrists or podiatry assistants for information, either in person or via telephone. We will endeavour to educate you on all the issues important to you and liaise with your family doctor and all other practitioners that may be involved in your treatment. You are the most important person in our practice.

Our service to you is unequivocally guaranteed. You will only receive the highest standard of health care. If you are not completely happy with the service you have received, please, please let us know. We urge you to help us to continue to improve our service to you. A second or even third opinion from our team of podiatrists is always available. If you are still not happy with your decision to choose us please request a refund of any gap payments on your initial consultation fee. Read more about us

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